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CPP-PPE full-face visor shield (pack of 10)

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Pack of 10 PPE reusable full-face visor shield, light weight plastic


PPE Full-face visors
At CPP we have taken the initiative to produce a mould tool to Manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) full-face visor shield.  We have started distributing them through a UK charity who are delivering them to front line workers around the country.

To help us sustain this project we are offering our customers to purchase the visors

They are shipped in multiples of 10 so the minimum order is 10 items, our list price is £4.00 this helps us to keep shipping the free ones to help the country in these unprecedented times.

Visor info.
The browband visor part is based on the 3D printers design which has be used throughout Europe and the UK, however this version is injection moulded, which takes the usual 3D printing production quantity from 5-15 visors per day to 800+ per day. The visor itself is a 0.2 – 0.3mm A4 clear plastic sheet and will be punched with a standard 4 holed ring binder punch. The A4 sheets are commonly used for office business purposes yet gives a perfect clear vision together with eye protection as paramount.

The curled hooks on each end can be used for an elastic rubber band should a tighter fit be required, but has rarely been needed during trials, therefore elastics are not supplied.

The visors are not manufactured in a controlled environment (a sterile clean room), however they have been processed automatically in a factory with predominantly human contact, yet carefully handled with gloves and masks as per industry standard to be used in these unprecedented times.
The visors are flat packed in sealed bags of 10 with very simple assembly instructions included.

It is possible to clean each visor before or after each shift use. To clean the visor, we would recommend warm soapy water in the same way as washing hands.


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