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2" & 3" IBC valves2inc_darcie_lite
The 2" Darcie and 3" Stellar IBC valves from CPP offers greater flexibility and reliability than any other IBC valve on the market today. The features include: PE seals to reduce stock levels – no need to have VITON and EPDM seals, the ‘swivel’ back collar speeds up assembly – no need to turn the whole valve, Greater product range with 2" & 3" Camlock, 2" male NPT, 2" male S60 buttress, 1 1⁄2" female, S100 male buttress end connections, Full
flow valves decrease empty times and allow greater IBC drainage with less residual for the IBC reconditioner to handle, Increased compatibility with all PP body and all PE seals and gaskets and essentially reduce labour costs All valve assemblies come complete with gasket, dust cap, lanyard and lock pin.
IBC bottle threads
bottles60 Name: S60X6 (2") male buttress
D1: 60mm (2.36")
P1: 6mm (0.24")
IBC Manufacturer: Greif, Mauser (Mamor), Sotralentz
bottles75 Name: S75X6 (2") male buttress
D1: 75mm (2.95")
P1: 6mm (0.24")
IBC Manufacturer: Schutz, Clawson, Fustiplast
bottles80 Name: S80X6 (2") male buttress
D1: 80mm (3.15")
P1: 6mm (0.24")
IBC Manufacturer: Mauser (Hoover) Repaltainer
bottles100 Name: S100X8 (3") male buttress
D1: 100mm (3.94")
P1: 8mm (0.32")
IBC Manufacturer: Schutz, Greif, Mauser, Fustiplast, Sotralentz


IBC Vents

The newly designed pressure and vacuum vent from CPP will protect your container and valuable content
without the need to remove the top. Moulded in glass coupled polypropylene and springs in stainless steel
this product will give you the chemical resistance and durability you expect from CPP.

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